About Me

I graduated in New Media Technology at City University of New York CUNY in 2016.

The New Media Technology program leads to an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree with two specialization options in Multimedia Design and Web Programming. The program prepares students for varied careers in new media including webmaster, multimedia applications developer, 3D Modeling, Internet programmer, streaming video and digital film producer.

Through my experience, I have manged and led great teams and have designed innumerable projects successfully.

I started from childhood to become interested in drawing and express my feelings through drawing. I liked drawing cartoons according to the environment and the way I perceived reality. I learned by myself how to draw houses in the trees, mechanical and architectural drawing, and I drew things accurately.

When I learned AutoCAD, for me it was another world and I started to get interested in computers as well. Then 3d studio max came and it was there when I thought that someday I would like to offer my experience, knowledge and skills to any company that wants to develop and display a product through virtual reality.

Nowadays programs like Blender “Free software that can be used for any purpose forever.” I can model, apply textures, materials, lights and render a scene with high virtual quality.

The design has always been linked to my work environment and in all the manufacturing companies where I have worked and led, I have been involved with the Design Department among others.

I have worked for over 15 years in the manufacturing industry to occupy different positions. In the beginning, I started as a Draftsman, where I had to draw the plans of all the models of television cabinets, sound equipment, office chairs, solid system of open office, kitchen cabinets and special prototypes. Then I combined this work with another position as quality control, where I had to take a sample of the product in process and final product in each line of production and assembly.

Later I was promoted to the planning department, where I had to schedule the production of all models to produce according to sales versus minimum stock. With the experience and skills gained, I was promoted to Supervisor of Production, where combined my passion with the Design. In this new position, I learned the handling of large groups of staff and the service of the internal and external client.

After a few years as a Supervisor, I finally to play the position of second-in-command as Administrative Manager where I had responsibility for the company and the high responsibility of handling all departments that make up a company and the monthly budget to be able to operate among others.

In all the companies where I worked, has always been involved two aspects that I consider important for the industry in general, the Design and Customer Service, internal and external. The Design because the companies have to develop new products continuously according to the needs and demands of the market, and the Customer Service internal and external because with them, a good treatment and care of our customers, good manufacturing practices and competitive companies will be able to show and convey a good image of your final product, ensuring the success of these companies.

Being organized helped me in my life to manage and plan a project with a logical sequence to finally deliver a good product.

Design to me is a way of life.

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